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Bryn Sandy – ‘Kaleadoea 1’

Hailing from western Canada, Bryn Sandy is an electronic musician. His music is situated around the IDM / Ambient Techno genre in Electronic Music. His latest EP ‘Kaleadoea 1’ is a must-listen for any music fan!

‘Lets Variegate’ fades the EP in. An electronic melody appears, and the beat drops to get the track in full flow. Reverb on the snare gives further texture to the piece, and the song evolves before the listener’s ears. ‘Illistic Sevens’ has a grime edge to it with innovative and erratic at times, layers of colour. ‘RapidEX5’ feels futuristic with exciting twists and turns while ‘Palpitant’ is energetic and infectious. There is a new element to be enjoyed with each listen, and this keeps the EP feeling fresh.

We also love the mix, master and production on the songs. With so many layers of instrumentation apparent throughout it would be easy for some to become lost, or get fudged in the audio ranges. This is not the case with ‘Kaleadoea 1’. Each of the many and varied instrumentation has its own space in the mix. They shine in their lights and yet, still come together to work harmoniously as a cohesive piece of art. This is due to the excellent composition and arrangement too. Sandy clearly had a vision in mind and executed it to perfection.

Sandy says, “(His music) Tries to maintain a desire for tight arrangements, analog synthesis and intimate listening.” We feel this has been achieved on ‘Kaleadoea 1’. Mesmerising melodies and transfixing beats are present throughout the four-track EP. The listener gets a glimpse into Sandy’s passion and endless creativity during the release.

Having been released on the 21st November 2019, ‘Kaleadoea 1’ is available now. Make sure you check out this superb EP, you will not be disappointed.

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