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C-Beem – ‘Little Jet Angel’

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Leicester based musician C-Beem has released the superb electronic pop album ‘Little Jet Angel’ today, 1st May 2020.

‘Where’s the Emotion’ opens the album with energetic darting synths and an vibrant beat. We love the upbeat nature of the track with a driving rhythm section. C-Beem’s vocals are passionate and filled with emotion, thoroughly engaging. ‘Waterside Days’ is another superb track with a joyous vibe. The charming vocals masterfully guide the song along while synths provide the founding instrumentation. ‘Little Jet Angel’ is a standout tune. Its vibe is more laid back to what has come previously but still has overwhelming character and charming personality. ‘Face To Face’ has a grand opening with inviting percussion and C-Beem’s trademark vocals. The rise and fall in the instrumentation create colour and texture. Blissful. ‘Better Jungle Than This’ closes the release and leaves the listener wanting more. 

C-Beem says, “My music ventures go all the way back to my childhood in Leicester when my two brothers and I formed a punk-ish rock band called The Foils in the early 80s, well-displayed by Tim’s tinfoil covered drum kit!” He continues, “I don’t write songs for the flavour of the moment. I don’t write songs for the zeitgeist. In part, zeitgeist means ‘spirit’, and who wants to sing for a ghost? You have to filter out the white noise and just be true. I think that’s the only way to cut through and to be creatively happy.”

We can not recommend ‘Little Jet Angel’ enough, it is a compelling listen and we know you are going to love it as much as we did!

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