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‘Lady Cherry’ is the hypnotizing latest release by Calista Kazuko. It is an atmospheric and charming song with dark undertones.

From a solo bass opening, layered luscious harmonies fill the music spectrum. The instrumentation is sparse in the verses and fuller in the choruses. We hear guitars, a piano, and (Bond worthy) strings too. Kazuko’s voice is beautifully warm, sultry and inviting. She reminds us of Shingai Shoniwa in places but she is most certainly a brilliant artist in her own right.

A magnificent video has also been released to accompany the single. It is filled with intriguing imagery set to vivid colours. Reds and golds shine on a black backdrop with images of Calista Kazuko. There are also images of a rams skull, snake, playing cards and smoke further enhancing the mysterious vibe. It is truly the perfect accompaniment to a superb song.

This is the third release from Calista Kazuko’s highly anticipated forthcoming album, ‘Empress’. ‘Lady Cherry’ was produced by Bobby Bloomfield and recorded at London’s Rattle Studios. The video was directed by the divine filmmakers, Philip Reinking, and Thomas Linton. They say, “(The video) sees our heroine ‘Lady Cherry’ take on the fire-breathing Satan in a lurid game of poker. An intergalactic, kaleidoscopic montage puts the cherry on this epic, visual feast.”

Calista Kazuko says, “‘Lady Cherry’ is a fearless, cinematic tribute to womanhood, self-love, and empowerment.” All themes that we could use a little more of in the world right now. Calista Kazuko is also working with Plan International, an awareness-raising campaign on period shame that will accompany the release. We could not support this campaign more. Kazuko is using her platform to highlight issues that are hidden in the darkness and need to be discussed.

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