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Calle Ameln is back with his latest single ‘HEYO.’ Released on 31st October, it is a song that features catchy melodies and memorable vocal performances. 

The single hits hard from the get-go with the title, ‘HEYO’ on repeat by Ameln. His vocals are powerful and passionate, with beautiful tones to enjoy. The bass is wonderfully melodic, not just a member of the supporting cast but an integral part of the piece. The drums are driving and feel like the heartbeat of the song. They are the foundation that is strong and stable from which all of the other instrumentation can grow. 

We adored the chorus that has a strong country vibe to it. It is upbeat and has a sing-a-long quality to it too. The middle eight takes a new path to what we have heard before, and this change in direction keeps the listener on their toes. The middle-eight begins on a minor chord. This is a nice juxtaposition to what we have heard before. Putting the happy melody against the sad chord creates texture within the piece. The guitar solo is euphoric before a stripped down chorus returns at the end of the song. It is a beautiful arrangement. 

Ameln says, “I’ve been busy writing songs and putting the work into record in the studio.” He continues, “I’m looking forward to seeing the response to ‘HEYO,’ which is the first release from the new songs I have planned.” An exciting time for this Scandinavian musician!

Ameln’s fusion of Country, Americana, Rock, and Pop is refreshing and enjoyable. He is destined to win many new fans with ‘HEYO’, and we can not wait to see what he will release next. 

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