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Carnival Kid – ‘We Used To Shout At You’

Carnival Kid is the solo project of Erfurt musician, Christian Stezycki. It is an energetic and catchy single that will have you reaching for the repeat button. 

Hard-hitting vocals filled with luscious delay enter the sonic landscape along with attention-demanding drums. The syncopated beat adds texture to the piece with jangly guitars doing the same. We adored the chordal progression that is unpredictable and characterful. The kick impacts the listener and the impressive vocals masterfully guide the single along. 

We adored the chorus that is catchy and memorable. The addictive guitar riffs subtly, yet integrally underpin the vocals on the proceeding verse, and the brilliant choruses make welcomed returns throughout the track. This single is composition, arrangement and execution at it’s finest.

When asked about how Carnival Kid’s name came about, Stezycki says, “The 11th of November, 11:11, sees the beginning of carnival season in Germany. Many people, including myself, don’t really care about this. But the 11th of November 2009, at 11:09, my son saw the light of day.” He continues, “Children born on this day are called ‘Faschingskinder’ in Germany – carnival kids. And since this event changed basically every aspect of my life, including my perception, writing and interpretation of music, I felt it to be a pretty perfect name for a solo project.”

The first songs to be released in 2020, ‘We Used To Shout At You’ and ‘We Were The Shadows’, were written in around 2009 when Carnival Kid’s previous band, Jovernanté decided to part ways. Carnival Kid says, “I recorded them again, changed something here and there, and now they are finally seeing the light of day.” We are so pleased that they are!

‘We Used To Shout At You’ is an electric single, filled with passion and excitement. We can not wait to check out ‘We Were The Shadows’. Make sure you add Carnival Kid to your weekend playlist, you will not be disappointed!

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