Carrie Cleveland – ‘I’ve Got A Feeling’

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Carrie Cleveland – ‘I’ve Got A Feeling’

‘I’ve Got A Feeling’ is the superb single from the gifted soul artist, Carrie Cleveland. We were lucky enough to review her single, ‘Make Love To Me’ in August 2019 and we are so excited to have been introduced to ‘I’ve Got A Feeling’ from the same 1978 album release.

An enticing drum roll opens the single. Drums, bass, horns and organs all fill the sonic landscape with harmonious and soulful music. Carrie Cleveland’s incredible vocals become the shining star of the piece as soon as they begin. No words can do justice to Cleveland’s vocal performance on the track. They are rich and filled with heart, integrity and emotion. Her tone is delicious, and she is a pioneer and master of her craft.

Dancing high hats add texture to the song with longhorn riffs underpinning the vocals and they give the song its unique character. The bass is melodic, while the drum fills change the direction of the piece before it returns to the smooth and intoxicating groove. The closing lyrics, “Your fool is gone” linger with the listener long after the music has finished.

Released on Kalita Records, the record company say, “Kalita Records announce the first ever and definitive discography of Carrie Cleveland.” They continue, “(The album was) privately arranged, recorded and produced by Carrie and her husband Bill as a labour of love in their backyard studio in 1978. ‘Looking Up’ is one of the most in-demand soul/disco LPs in existence, sought-after in particular for their track ‘Love Will Set You Free’.”

‘I’ve Got A Feeling’ is quite simply a beautiful song. It showcases the very best of Carrie Cleveland. Her tone, grace and passion can be heard on the recording, and her effortless charm shines through. Yet again, we can not recommend Cleveland’s music enough!

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