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Carrie Cleveland – ‘Take A Moment’

‘Take A Moment’ is another majestic song from artist Carrie Cleveland. Taken from her 1978 album ‘Looking Up’, this piece of history was re-released in 2018, and we are so thankful it was! 

A laid back groove emerges from the opening notes. A Hammond Organ rings out and sets the scene as to what is to come beautifully. Carries wonderful vocals grace the song with a calming and charming feeling that she effortlessly emotes. Drums, bass and the Hammond (as mentioned earlier) fill the sonic spectrum beautifully. The dancing high hats create texture within the piece and carry the song along effortlessly.

It is a song about love at its heart, and the lyrics transcend the years. We found the lyrics to be as relatable now as they would have been in 1978. It has a smooth, and contagious vibe that is just so relaxing and easing. Blissful.

Recorded in a garage studio situated in East Oakland, the full album ‘Looking Up’ is a beautiful and grounding listen. Only a small run of vinyl were made at the time in 1978. The songs were almost lost in time. However, the album was re-released on Kalita Records in 2018, and these beautiful recordings have been gifted to a new generation to love and discover them all over again. 

We can not recommend ‘Looking Up’ enough. For those who have not heard it, it showcases the very best of Carrie Cleveland. For those who have, put it on again! It is music that soothes the soul, and in times of such great uncertainty, as we face now, we could all do with Carrie Cleveland in our lives!

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