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Houston-based artist CASH FORTUNE has released his superb latest single ‘Urn’d It’ in June 2020. It is a hip-hop classic that will resonate with fans. 

From an ambiguous opening, CASH FORTUNE’s unmistakable vocals breakthrough. His lyrics are poetical and will resonate with listeners. The beat is driving and creates a solid foundation for CASH FORTUNE’s vocals to shine. There are passion and soul in the vocal delivery that is palpable to the audience. We love the mix, master and production of the single; everything is balanced and harmonious. 

CASH FORTUNE says about the release,” ‘Urn’d’ It is my newest release off of my upcoming project ‘Not Soon Enough’. ‘Urn’d’ It was a song I came up with at work. I really wanted to make a new song.” He continues, “I heard the beat it struck a chord with me as soon as I heard it. Then the melody came followed by the lyrics. The words of this song have a lot of meaning for me, and my attitude towards my goals in life.”

When asked about his musical influences, CASH FORTUNE says, “I like a lot of new artist out there, Trippie Red, RMR, Austin Lam, Roddie rich, and Travis Scott among others. I have a special in my heart for 2000’s alternative rock scene too.” We can hear some of these artists coming through on ‘Urn’d It’, but this artist is making music all of his own.

So make sure you check out ‘Urn’d It’ from the link below. CASH FORTUNE is an exciting artist who has been continually working on music projects for the last nine years. His hard work is paying off, and he is making waves with this release.

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