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Cat Ryan – ‘Mannerism’

Hailing from Newcastle upon Tyne, Cat Ryan is an Art-Rock/Modern-Shoegaze trio. Their latest single ‘Mannerism’ is thoroughly addictive and compelling.

Expressive and ear-catching jangly electric guitars open the single. The drums kick in, and an infectious beat sets the tone beautifully as to what is to come. We found the vocals to be melodic and instantly charm the listener with their character and grace. 

We adored the guitar solos; their charming nature is fun and joyous. The bridge hears the single take a new direction, and this change in the atmosphere keeps the listener on their toes. One thing is for sure, ‘Mannerism’ will have you reaching for the repeat button. 

Front woman Mary-Anne explains, “‘Mannerism is a self-reflexive song based on the frustration of trying to read people,” she continues, “Sometimes to the extent that it controls your everyday thoughts”. The band comment, ‘”Mannerism’ demonstrates the self-conscious nature of (our) songwriting while hinting at future exploration as Art-Rock, Post-Punk and Alt-Rock continue to emerge as new musical directions.”

Citing their influences as Vampire Weekend, Wolf Alice, and Blossoms, Cat Ryan stands shoulder to shoulder with these excellent bands. They are creating innovative and exciting music that is pushing the boundaries of Indie Pop Rock. We are sure ‘Mannerism’ is going to please existing Cat Ryan fans, and win the band an army of new ones too!

So make sure you check out this exciting band today. We have added ‘Mannerism’ to our Spotify playlist here. Cat Ryan are a talented trio who are destined for big things in the 2020s. We can not wait to hear what they will do next. 

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