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the mythChad Rico is releasing the exciting new EP ‘Myth’ in late 2018. The 7 track EP is a lyrically eclectic look in Rico’s life and experiences. Hip Hop in style, the strong emphasis on the rapping vocals really make ‘Myth’ stand out as a must hear EP this year.

The first track ‘Jet’ sets the tone and feel of the music which is to come. With a strong emphasis on synths, ‘Jet’ is an innovative look at rap and hip hop for 2018. Percussion is a strong feature, the use of claps, snare and kick drum all work in harmony with each other, acting as the heartbeat of the song. The bass is slick, giving a smooth finish and carries the instrumentation through.

‘Night in Barcelona’ is a classic tune and a strong contender for our favourite on the EP. Rico speaks of a timeline of events on a night in Barcelona in such detail that the listener can see each happening. Referencing Diddy, ‘Night in Barcelona’ would be a song Diddy would be proud to have written. We love the sound of the snare on the recording, it is toppy sounding which cuts about the other instruments wonderfully. 

‘Big Numbers’ fades in to fruition, it has a slow rolling tempo that creates a warming groove. There is a contrast in rapping style when another rapper appears and the two voices bounce off of each other. There are again, poetically stunning lyrics on the song such as, ‘How you stay hot when the streets so cold’ creating a sense of melancholy and hard hitting realism in the piece.

‘New Level’ opens with the atmosphere of a cowboy film in the wild west. A flamenco style guitar and familiar claps all add to the charm of the tune. The delay on the vocals pick out certain words giving them weight for the listener to pay attention to.

‘Options’ and ‘Click Click’ have claps and spoken word embedded within them. The panning of instrumentation evens out the sound and provides centre points to the song. ‘Workin’ has an atmospheric beginning, swiftly followed by a piano ladened with reverb. It has more of a trap feel to it and instrumentation building layers upon layers of audio pleasure to digest. The punchy kick and stoic synths all add to the songs charm.

Chad Rico is an extremely exciting talent. His style of rap is a welcomed departure from the standard artist. We can not wait to hear what comes next from this truly exhilarating artist.

Reviewed by FVReviews September 2018 

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