Declan Guckian – ‘Gold’ Single

Declan Guckian is a singer-songwriter who is always on the move. Based in Prague, this Irish musician is a traveling man, collecting ideas and stories wherever he goes. Guckian's latest single, 'Gold' is an exquisite track which is laid back in nature and rich in soul. From a harmonised vocal beginning, a big song grows. First, … Continue reading Declan Guckian – ‘Gold’ Single

Juliette Goglia – ‘February’ Single

Juliette Goglia is an actress/musician originally hailing from Burbank, California. Her latest single 'February,  is a catchy pop song with a rich heart at its core. The single opens to the sound of Goglia's stunning vocals from the get-go. Her extensive range is evident from the beginning and we were drawn into the song by … Continue reading Juliette Goglia – ‘February’ Single

Charlie Christmas – ‘Weird Old Man’

Charlie Christmas released his latest album, ‘Weird Old Man’ in December 2018. The album is a collection of songs which are filled with excellent composition, musicianship and tongue in cheek lyrics. Hailing from Los Angeles, Charlie Christmas is a one-off musician. His songwriting is a masterclass in composition, he is always thoroughly engaging and entertaining. … Continue reading Charlie Christmas – ‘Weird Old Man’

Screams From the Sun – ‘The Battle’

Screams From the Sun are an alternative synth pop/rock duo hailing from London. Band members Francis Jupiter and Mimí Out are releasing their latest single, ‘The Battle’ in 2019. It is a stunning track which showcases their excellent skills in composition and musicianship. The song opens to the sound of mysterious synths. They are melodic and … Continue reading Screams From the Sun – ‘The Battle’