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Attachment_1538923145‘Heartbreak Diaries’ is the new EP release from the phenomenally talented Ohxzy and Jack Gutteridge. The 6 track EP is a moving, dark and emotional glimpse into one person’s heartbreak diary. It is relatable and honest throughout and would appeal to many different ages and genders.

The EP opens with the track ‘Heartbreak Interlude’ which is used to set the scene beautifully as to what is to come. We hear a superbly well-played acoustic guitar, snare drum, then the vocals. Next, the gorgeous backing vocals kick in and elevate the sound. The song ends with a solo vocal which is haunting and atmospheric.

‘Skipping Pages’ features similar instrumentation with the vocals shining at the heart of the piece. The performance and delivery of the vocals are spellbinding. They sing from the heart, the rap is eloquent and there are wonderful cadences to be heard throughout. They speak of tough subjects such as depression and death but they do it in such a way where the listener can relate and doesn’t feel so alone.

‘Am I Alive’ again features a beautifully played acoustic guitar. It talks about anxiety over a thick bass kick, claps, and interweaving instrumentation. The kick gets faster at one point echoing a heartbeat until everything cuts away and it is just the delicious vocals left to digest at the end. Blissful.

‘Voices’ features an electric guitar with a jangling sound and is a different avenue for the listener to go down. We loved ‘WhothefukisDaniel’, it is possibly our favourite track on the EP. It feels beautifully aggressive, emotional and raw. There are gorgeous strings to be heard which are present throughout. They harmonise with each other and have been divinely composed to shine on their own as well as an accompaniment to the luscious vocals.

The final track ‘Allstar’ features an appearance from the artist Jude Ellen. Her vocals work well with the male vocals and compliment each other throughout. They sing in unison together in different octaves and create new textures. They have been mixed beautifully to opposite sides of the mix giving them space to shine alone as well as with one another. There is a trapp syncopated beat behind the vocals, electric guitars and the entire track works together seamlessly.

This is music that speaks to you. If you are in a dark place it makes you feel less alone. If you have previously been in a dark place, it is a reminder of that time with the benefit of knowing there is always a way out the other side again. We strongly advise you check out this magnificent EP today.

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