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Screams From the Sun are an alternative synth pop/rock duo hailing from London. Band members Francis Jupiter and Mimí Out are releasing their latest single, ‘The Battle’ in 2019. It is a stunning track which showcases their excellent skills in composition and musicianship.

The song opens to the sound of mysterious synths. They are melodic and inviting with elements of uncertainty too. The warm in tone vocals enter along with claps, a luscious thick kick drum, and clicks. During the first chorus, the song picks up pace and intensity. This use of texture is exciting and thoroughly compelling to listen to.

We loved the composition of the song, it does not follow the usual verse, chorus, verse chorus. Instead, they have opted for a verse, chorus, instrumental, chorus which is a refreshing and welcomed change. The instrumental builds with the kick drum and electric guitar providing the foundation for a second guitar to enter. It has been mixed to one side and plays a subtle yet intoxicating solo. We hear distant breathy vocals before the second chorus comes back in. Simply wonderful.

This is pop music at its finest. It features excellent musicianship, catchy writing, and elements of rock music mixed in too. We loved the mix of synths to ‘real’ instruments and they have gotten the balance between the two just right. There is so much happening in this piece, it is like any good piece of art, one listen is not enough. Each time we hit the repeat button we heard something new and ‘The Battle’ sounds consistently fresh.

The entire track has been mixed, produced and mastered well. We adored the correct use of reverb and delay on the opening vocals which allows them to sit well in the track and create atmosphere. The phasing of the synths is powerful and adds extra dimensions to the piece.

Screams From the Sun remind us of Imagine Dragons and The 1975. Their brand of pop/rock is inviting and invigorating the genre. The catchy melodies mixed with heartfelt lyrics make for a combination which is destined for big things. We can not wait to hear what will come next from such exciting artists as these! They are most definitely a band to check out in 2019.

Reviewed by FVReviews January 2019






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