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Pastobal are a Folk Rock band who have released their latest EP ‘Nature’. Comprised of 5 addictively enjoyable tracks, ‘Nature’ is a relatable showcase of Pastobal’s composition and skilful musicianship. This is an EP for music lovers and once it has been listened to, we guaranteed it’ll be placed on repeat time and time again!

The EP opens with the song, ‘Did you Know’. First, we hear a bass, kick drum and woodblock quickly followed by an acoustic guitar which is playing single chords until the rhythm swiftly kicks in. The guitar playing is extremely skillful and it sounds as though the guitar is being played all up and down the neck. The layers of instrumentation build, creating texture and interest. The kick drum feels like the heartbeat of the song and the rhythm section creates a foundation for everything else to be built upon.

‘Do You Want’ has a Captain Beefheart feel at the beginning with spoken word being heard first. This is quickly followed by an acoustic guitar, ascending bass and the rock feel enters as the drums begin playing. The drums skilfully come in and out and the entire track is a toe-tapping and thoroughly charming song.

Our favourite song is ‘No Time’. It is a beautiful track which sees the bass, drums, and guitars working together to create a song which is filled with energy and harmony. There is a hint of a slapped bass, loose high hats and the double-tracked vocals which all make for a divine piece of music. We adored the vocal performance during ‘Nature’ as it is acrobatic and thoroughly engaging.

‘Funeral Blues’ has a Spanish feel to it which is a departure as to what we have heard previously. From the rim hits on the snare to the interesting chord progressions to the harmonics on the guitar, this song tells a detailed story from beginning to end.

The final song, ‘Let’s Dance’ is an impressive 20 minutes in length. It opens with the lyrics, “And now, let’s dance!” That is exactly what it made us want to do! There are layered vocals in English and French and simply stunning guitars, bass and drums. Divine.

This EP really is Folk Rock at its finest. The instrumentation provides interest and intrigue throughout and there are catchy songs which will be stuck in your head all day!

So if you are in the market for excellent musicianship and enjoyable music, make sure you check out ‘Nature’ today!

Reviewed by FVReviews December 2018

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