Darro – ‘You’re Not Insane’

Darro Chea aka Darro, is a New York based musician and producer. His latest single ‘You’re Not Insane’, is an excellent pop-punk song that is filled with catchy melodies and infectious grooves. ‘You’re Not Insane’ has a big sound that grabs the listeners’ attention from the get-go. There are synths, drums, bass, and guitars that are all layered … More Darro – ‘You’re Not Insane’

Common Fires – ‘Avery’

Common Fires is the stage name of the superbly talented and multi-instrumentalist, Caleb McAlpine. From a dark and ambiguous opening, a sweet and heartfelt song appears. The fingerpicking on the acoustic guitar is sparse in the beginning and becomes fuller as the song progresses. The vocals are accessible and warm with a charming vulnerability underpinning their delivery. … More Common Fires – ‘Avery’

Arcadian Shadows​ – ‘Between the lines’

‘Between the Lines’ is the phenomenal latest release by the Dublin based band, Arcadian Shadows. The opening song, ‘Valediction’ is quite simply addictive. It features a melodic bass opening with distorted and driving guitars. The chorus is catchy with backing vocals adding layers of texture to the piece. (We have added it to our FVMusicBlog playlist … More Arcadian Shadows​ – ‘Between the lines’

The Empty Chairs – ‘Devil’s Music’

‘Devil’s Music’ is the wonderful latest release by the talented band, The Empty Chairs. Released originally on 21st June 2019, we can’t believe we are only just discovering this magnificent EP! ‘Preacher’ is the opening song and it sets the scene beautifully as to what is to come. There is a rhythmic electric guitar riff that … More The Empty Chairs – ‘Devil’s Music’