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Darro Chea aka Darro, is a New York based musician and producer. His latest single ‘You’re Not Insane’, is an excellent pop-punk song that is filled with catchy melodies and infectious grooves.

‘You’re Not Insane’ has a big sound that grabs the listeners’ attention from the get-go. There are synths, drums, bass, and guitars that are all layered and create a divine foundation for the vocals to spring from. Darro’s vocals fit into the established groove and add further colour and texture to the piece. The lyrics are relatable and thoroughly catchy. Darro will have you singing along in no time!

Darro is a musician who has faced battles in his personal life. Three days after returning to the US from grad school abroad, the Asian-American musician was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The rehabilitation process sent him back to square one, having to learn to speak, chew, and sing all over again.

Darro puts his experiences into his music and that is the case with, ‘You’re Not Alone’. He says, “The song is a satirical commentary on how society portrays its individuals. People tend to show only the pretty sides of themselves when in reality, they are struggling with internal issues.” We think this is an excellent issue to be highlighting and Darro is doing it in the best way. He is using his platform to unite people who are struggling and spreading a positive message. We salute you Darro! 

Darro graduated from Berklee with a Guitar Performance and Music Production/ Engineering degree. The production on ‘You’re Not Insane’ is excellent. Each of the instruments has its own space in the mix yet still come together as one cohesive piece of work. He also released his EP ‘Nostalgia’ in 2017, we will be checking that out this afternoon!

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