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db4f16aeaa3847750e41b16bb76f6bfa-P1110751name2‘Devil’s Music’ is the wonderful latest release by the talented band, The Empty Chairs. Released originally on 21st June 2019, we can’t believe we are only just discovering this magnificent EP!

‘Preacher’ is the opening song and it sets the scene beautifully as to what is to come. There is a rhythmic electric guitar riff that draws the listeners’ attention immediately. There are driving drums and the bass feels like the stoic heartbeat of the song.

The title track, ‘Devil’s Music’ hears a bass beginning from which the drums and percussion grow. Together they lay a foundation for the luscious lyrics and vocals to tell a well-constructed story.

‘Jodie’ is our favourite track on the EP. The laid back feel sets the scene for (again) excellent storytelling to take place. The harmonica works so well with the groove of the song. The vocals are melodic and ear-catching with excellent phrasing throughout. Blissful.

We loved the frantic start to, ‘No Fury’. There is a staccato rhythm in places and the guitar follows the vocal melody supporting but never intruding upon it. ‘Brand New Day’ hears gorgeous chord changes and a memorable and energetic bassline. The final song, ‘Moma Don’t’ features a skillfully played electric guitar with excellent bass and drums to help guide the track along.

We adored the lead female vocals on the EP.  They are filled with rich tones and emotion and their delivery is simply sublime. The band plays together as a cohesive collection and create harmonies and textures underneath the vocals.

The Empty Chairs describe ‘Devil’s Music’ as “(an EP that) explores the effect that music has on all of us”. We were left feeling joyously moved by the upbeat and tantalizing music. Any music lover is destined to feel the same about this collection of wonderfully crafted and composed songs.

Hailing from Wiltshire, The Empty Chairs are a band who have a sound which is reminiscent of 1960’s Rock’n’Roll. Their wonderful storytelling is set to a backdrop of excellent musicianship and these two things combined make for an EP which is compelling and thoroughly addictive.

Finally, a little bit of trivia about the band! They say, “We’re often asked why the band chose the empty chairs as a band name, it can sound negative but when we’re faced with a room of empty chairs, it’s a positive thing because we know we’ve got the audience up and dancing.” With an EP as strong as this one, the chairs will not stay occupied for long! We’ll see you on the dancefloor!

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