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CHAFA – ‘Solitude’ Single Release

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CHAFA – ‘Solitude’

Hailing from West Hollywood, musician CHAFA has released the gorgeous instrumental single ‘Solitude’. It is a stunning release that reaches out and touches the listener. 

A gorgeous piano opens the release. It is wonderfully enticing and sets the scene beautifully as to what is to come. There are a rise and fall in the composition, which takes the listener on unexpected twists and turns, unsure of what will come next.

We adore the wonderful strings, which adds their unique colour to the piece. The melodies are memorable and stay with the listener long after the music had ended. 

CHAFA is a brilliant composer and arranger. His intelligent composition keeps the audience fully engaged. In addition, the layered instrumentation creates gorgeous harmonies and set the piece alight – simply magical.  

CHAFA says about the release, “I began writing ‘Solitude’ in the first few weeks of quarantine – the distinctive tritone that plays initially represents the stark reality we were thrust into at the beginning of last year.” He continues, “As the piece progresses, it builds in intensity, and, in the final third, the strings take control and bring us to a close.”

Exciting Artist

So make sure you make a note of the name CHAFA. It might be the first time you have heard it, but we are confident that it will not be the last! CHAFA is an artist who is making a name for himself, and we very much look forward to hearing what he will do next. 

So turn up the volume and add ‘Solitude’ to your playlist this week. CHAFA is an inspiring talent who needs to be heard this spring 2021. ‘Solitude’ is available to stream from the link below!

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