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‘Luna’ is the heartwarming latest single from UK based singer/songwriter Charley Macaulay. It is a sweet and endearing song about the birth of Macaulay’s daughter, ‘Luna’.

It is a beautiful composition that opens to the sound of a solo acoustic guitar which has been draped in reverb. The vocals enter the piece and they are the shining star. Warm and inviting, they soothe the listener and guide the melody along. A finger click can be heard adding further texture and the piece builds in layers until the song is in full flow. 

We adored the percussion on the single. The kick drum is phat and rich in warm tones. It feels like the backbone of the song. The use of major 7th chords gives a dreamy feel to the piece. It is laid back in nature and the chords further enhance the feel. There is a beautiful addition of a melody from a child’s mobile which plays towards the end of the song, adding personal touches to the piece. 

Based in Southampton Macaulay has supported the likes of Sir Tom Jones, Will Young, Simply Red, Soul II Soul, Anastasia and many more. She performed at Jools Hollands after-show party with Ruby Turner and at Mama Stones in Exeter, where she impressed one of her idols Joss Stone, and secured a residency at her venue. She is an artist with grit and integrity whose honest and relateable writing will resonate with many people. 

So parents to be and parents of little ones, you are going to love this song. Get the tissues ready as, ‘Luna’ is officially released on 20th September 2019. There is also an incredibly beautiful and personal video which accompanies the release, make sure you check it out!

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