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Charlie Moss – ‘Scared To Be Lonely’

Hailing from Brighton, musician Charlie Moss has released his superb latest single, ‘Scared To Be Lonely’ today, 31st January 2020.

Dreamy guitars open the single, they instantly attract the listener and hold their attention throughout the song. The bass, drums and addictive vocals enter together, filling the audio spectrum. 

The guitars underpin the vocals in places, never intruding upon them but always adding further depth of character. The dancing high hats and luscious harmonies drive the song along. During the third verse, the instrumentation cuts away and builds again for the final chorus. A brilliant arrangement for an excellent song. 

We adored the honest and heartfelt lyrics that fill the song. We also loved the staccato bridge, which offers fresh textures and takes the listener on a new path. The hook in the chorus is addictive and stays with the listener long after the music has ended. 

‘Scared To Be Lonely’ is filled with layered guitars and vocals; the song is a dreamy track with emotion-filled lyrics and addictive melodies. It is our first introduction to Charlie Moss, and we are so excited to hear his unique sound.  

Citing his influences as, Vampire Weekend, The 1975, Seagirls and The Smiths, Charlie Moss takes these influences and puts his own unique spin on proceedings. He works tirelessly writing and releasing new music. Moss has a strong relationship with This Feeling and producer Josh Harrison, who’s portfolio includes Royal Blood and The Cure. 

So make sure you add ‘Scared To Be Lonely’ to your weekend playlist. We hear there is a tour in the pipeline with dates TBA soon. Charlie Moss is a talented artist, and we can not wait to listen to what he will do next!

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