Chavez Cartel – ‘Confidence Is All I’m Taking Home’

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Chavez Cartel – ‘Confidence Is All I’m Taking Home’

Hailing from Australia’s Gold Coast, ‘Confidence Is All I’m Taking Home’ is the latest EP from the phenomenal band, Chavez Cartel. With layers of texture and confidence, it is an exciting EP that is destined to win the hearts of its listeners.

‘Scum and Fears’ opens the EP with an attention-grabbing guitar riff. Dancing drums, bass and the luscious vocals all come next, and the song sets the scene beautifully as to what is to come. The innovative melody is filled with character and charm.

‘Different underneath’ features purposeful marching drums and skilful guitar playing. The solo is simply divine, and the vocals are textured and varied. ‘Love on The Run’ has many of the same qualities as its predecessor and is a thoroughly addictive song.

We loved the musicianship to be devoured during the EP. Chavez Cartel are a band who know their respective instruments inside out and are also well in tune with one another’s playing. The mix, master and production are all excellent and do justice to the brilliant music and lyrical compositions.

‘For Better or Worse’ changes pace with a strummed electric guitar opening, it is storytelling at its finest. The track builds in intensity as the song grows. Finally, ‘See you again’ is a wonderful live acoustic track that lets the song shine in its natural light.

Chavez Cartel says of the release, “‘Confidence Is All I’m Taking Home’ is an assertive representation of the Chavez Cartel spirit of self-belief and persistence to overcome obstacles, doubts and negative criticism. Pushing (ourselves) beyond limits to continue evolving as individuals and collectively as a band.”

We are so excited to have heard ‘Confidence Is All I’m Taking Home’. We can not wait to see what this magnificent band will do in 2020.

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