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Chavis Chance
Chavis Chance

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Chavis Chance – ‘Call Me’

Hailing from Texas, Chavis Chance is an indie-folk musician whose latest single ‘Call Me’ is a must-hear release.

An acoustic guitar opens the single with an instantly inviting vibe. Chavis Chance’s gorgeous and intoxicating vocals enter, and they are smooth, filled with a sumptuous tone that is simply mesmerising. 

There are beautiful harmonies which are layered and deeply affecting. We adore the chordal progression; it is the foundation from which the song grows from and creates texture within the piece too. 

Lyrically, ‘Call Me’ is relatable and this is a big part of Chavis Chance’s charm. He resonates with his audiences and lets us feel less alone together. 

The mix, production and master of ‘Call Me’ have been executed superbly too. Each of the varied layers of instrumentation has their own space in the mix and shine effortlessly. 


Chavis Chance says about the release “(‘Call Me’) explores the limits of unconditional love, reminding a lost friend that he is there waiting with a shoulder to cry on.” He continues, “The biting ballad calls back to the storyteller songwriters of a generation gone by, touching on themes of depression, friendship, and the bottomless sorrow that comes with loving an addict.”

The single was recorded in Boston, and Chavis Chance is reinventing the singer-songwriter genre for 2020, putting his personal spin on heartfelt songwriting. Chance is the son of rock ‘n roller, Dirk Hamilton and the gifted apple hasn’t fallen far from the talented tree. 

Now residing in Spain, Chavis Chance is an artist who is making waves with this latest single which is released officially today, 14th August 2020. 

So make sure you add ‘Call Me’ to your weekday playlist. Chavis Chance is an artist to watch this year, and we very much look forward to hearing what he will do next. 

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