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‘Boy Who Tried’ is the brilliant and brand new debut single by Cheska Moore. It is written around the theme of not feeling worthy for love and the song feels dark and captivating from the get-go.

There is a Trapp beat that surrounds the song. Enticing guitars, and multi-layered and luscious vocals englulf the track. Moore’s vocal performance is electric and conveys emotion to the listener beautifully. We loved the rise and fall of the instrumentation which gives texture and colour to the piece. The guitars, vocals and beat all dance around one another creating the perfect triad. They create a sumptuous, rich and dark feel.

Moore says, “The song is about not feeling worthy to be loved by someone who is so willing to try, hence ‘Boy Who Tried’.” Moore continues, “This is most evident in the bridge of the song which is trying to act as a deterrent/warning for the ‘Boy’, for example, the lyrics state ‘There’s no finish once we start, pull you in pick you apart” and “you can’t help me if I can’t help myself”, not meant as terms of endearment.”

The song was superbly produced by Martin Buchanan and mastered by Barney Cox. Moore says, “I wanted the production to help further convey the theme of me not feeling worthy of love by helping to set a scene of the person I considered myself to be. In this case, I wanted the song to feel like a nightmare.” The darkness in the sound of the single has certainly been achieved here. There is an uncomfortable element that can be felt throughout and the addition of the lower octave vocals helps to achieve this.

Make sure you check out this brand new single today, you will not be disappointed!

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