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Chris Corey’s latest single ‘Worried about you’, has just been released. It is an upbeat, catchy and truly infectious single. Hailing from Ontario and Western Canada, Corey splits his time between the two. He consistenly works on new material and takes inspiration from everywhere. 

‘Worried about you’ is catchy at its nature. It is a mix of genres and Corey cites his songs as containing pop, rock, folk, Britpop, blues, top 40, country, and 80’s new wave. We can hear many of these elements featuring in this single, Corey makes them work together and his efforts culminate in a sound that is undeniably his own. 

A steady beat soon establishes itself. Bass, drums, and an electric guitar kick off the tune. The vocals use this solid foundation to spring from and establish themselves as the shining star of the piece. There are guitar licks that counteract the vocals in the verses and the chorus is catchy and memorable. The piano comes in and adds further texture and the pace picks up in the final third of the song carrying the listener along with it. 

We adored the middle 8, it lifts the song further and has many layers of depth to keep the listeners attention. ‘Worried about you’ has been wonderfully arranged and we are sure it will have you reaching for the repeat button.

When asked about his music Corey says, “It’s a strange thing really, to write a song from scratch sitting in your bedroom one day to seeing it come to life in a studio.” From humble beginnings, this mighty song has grown!

We were so pleased to read that Chris Corey plans on releasing his new album in early 2020. Based on the strength of this single, we can not wait! Check out ‘Worried about you’ today!

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