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Chris McConville - 'Isolation Improv'
Chris McConville – ‘Isolation Improv’

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Chris McConville – ‘Isolation Improv’ 

Chris McConville is a London based, Scottish solo artist. He has released his EP ‘Isolation Improv’ in June 2020. It is an indie-folk EP that will have you reaching for the repeat button.

Created in Lockdown, ‘Isolation Improv’ features two instrumental electronic tracks and one acoustic track, with beats featuring spoken word by American actor, Noelle Adames. Firstly, ‘Isolation Improv, Vol. 1’ has a full band sound with a laid back vibe. We love the darting synths which in part are dark and brooding and also melodic and guiding. Secondly, ‘Isolation Improv, Vol. 2’ features an industrial feel from the get-go. A stoic beat soon establishes itself, and it is a thoroughly mesmerising piece. The final track ‘Isolation Improv, Vol. 3’ feels gentler and more melodic in its composition. Moreover, McConville’s guitar skills shine through, and we adore the spoken word poetry which graces the piece. 

McConville says about the release,” ‘Isolation Improv’ was born out of self-isolation and improvisation and was originally a short series of fun music videos released, throughout the lockdown on social media.” Check out the ‘Isolation Improv, Vol. 2’ video below.

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In addition, McConville is also a drummer for the London indie band The Bishops, who were signed to 1234 Records and Sony ATV. Earlier in 2020, Chris McConville released the superb single ‘Fire’ which was released in tribute to fellow band mate, Tony Eke. Eke was from the band Blackhill Pioneers, who died last year. Read our full review here.

To sum up, Chris McConville is a talented and prolific writer who is making waves in 2020. Moreover, ‘Isolation Improv’ is a stunning collection of songs that demonstrate the high level of musicianship that McConville possesses. Above all, McConville connects with his audience and conveys emotion effortlessly. We very much look forward to hearing what he will do next. 

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