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Chris McConville
Chris McConville

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Chris McConville – ‘Carefree’

One of our favourite artists is back! Musician Chris McConville has released his excellent indie-pop single ‘Carefree’ in August 2020.

Exciting and enticing synths open the release. McConville’s warm vocals enter, and the audience is thoroughly captivated. The driving synths carry the song along, and an addictive quality fascinates the audience. In addition, we found the main melody to be memorable and stays with the listener long after the music has ended. 

McConville says the single was inspired by, “That feeling of being free from your daily obligations, the feeling of bliss in warm summer nights spending time with someone you love and looking forward to it, carefree summer vibes.” These themes come through in the music, and we know they will resonate with listeners. 

We love the mix, master and production of the single, every part of the layered instrumentation has its own space, and the entire sound spectrum is covered. Additional mixing and mastering was provided by Jason Emberton of ‘Eastern Industries’. Also, the cover was designed by London photographer Ben Meadows. The team have done an excellent job in creating a piece of art that will stand the test of time. 

The Bishops

In addition, McConville is the drummer of the London indie trio, The Bishops. They were formally signed to 1234 Records and Sony ATV Publishing from 2006-2013 and are a brilliant band. 

One thing is for sure, Chris McConville is a talented and progressive artist. He is working hard and consistently creating excellent music; we can not recommend him enough. 

So make sure you add ‘Carefree’ to your playlist this week. We always look forward to new releases from this exciting artist, and ‘Carefree’ is no exception. Check it out from the link below!

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