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f1c73add159eab9c7996d8743bed9343-artwork+SMSJ+400x400‘Sister Mary & Sister Josephine’ is the acoustic rock single by Scottish artist Chris Mossop. It has a wonderful groove which grabs the listeners attention, keeps it fully and leaves them wanting more.

The song opens to a palm muted acoustic guitar, panned to one side of the mix. On the other side of the mix, we hear a subtle but effective electric guitar which plays ingenious riffs throughout the song. The track builds in layers and the second chorus is filled with a full band sound. We adored the bridge which happens twice and is filled with major chords, taking the song to unexpected places. ‘Sister Mary & Sister Josephine’ is a writing masterclass in its composition and arrangement, it is easy on the ear yet it demands the listeners’ attention at the same time.

Mossop has a very distinctive voice. Sometimes gruff and always inviting, his performance on ‘Sister Mary & Sister Josephine’ is the shining star of the piece. It is filled with texture which adds layers of depth and interest to an already catchy tune. There are wonderful cadences to be enjoyed and his phrasing fits beautifully every time. We also enjoyed the use of reverb and delay on the vocals which elevates them well. Chris Mossop reminds us of Paolo Nuttini and Damien Rice in places but make no mistake, Mossop makes a sound which is very much his own.

At its heart, ‘Sister Mary & Sister Josephine’ is a catchy song which will have you reaching for the repeat button. Now based in London, Chris Mossop is a talented songwriter who needs to be heard to be fully appreciated. He has gigs coming up so make sure to check out his tour dates and catch him if you can!

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