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Christopher Dallman
Christopher Dallman

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Christopher Dallman – ‘So High’

Christopher Dallman is a Milwaukee-based musician whose latest single ‘So High’, is a synth-pop masterpiece. 

Luscious synths open the release. We love the laid back beat which creates a solid foundation for the emotive vocals to shine. The nature of the song compels the listener and holds their attention effortlessly.

Also we love the drums dropping; they add extra weight to the piece. ‘So High’ evolves before the listener and takes its audience on a journey. There is a wonderful balance achieved in the mix of the song, and we adore the production and mastering too. The track closes to a gentle fade and leaves the listener wanting more!


Dallman says, “For ten years in the early 2000s I was a folky singer-songwriter. I quit music in 2013 and lost control of my life. I gave up drinking booze two years ago and was reborn as an electropop artist with deep and authentic songs.” 

When asked about the latest release, he says, “It’s a super groovy summer song about learning how to follow your bliss. It features groovy keys, warm synths, and a falsetto vocal that makes the hairs on my arms stand up when I sing it. It’s a total throwback to summer bliss.” Exactly what we all need right now!

We are so excited to see that there is a full album to come from Dallman. ‘Digital Blue’ is due for release on 23rd September 2020. It’s a date for the diary! It is the first album to be released by Dallman since 2004’s ‘Race The Light’. 

So make sure you add ‘So High’ to your weekday playlist. Christopher Dallman is a superb musician, and we look forward to the full album release!

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