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Claire Donzelli

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Claire Donzelli – ‘I’m Not Sorry’

Los Angeles-based artist Claire Donzelli has released the brilliant single ‘I’m Not Sorry’ this winter 2020. It is an indie-pop anthem that needs to be heard!

A textured guitar opens the release. The staccato rhythm instantly injects colour to the piece, and ‘I’m Not Sorry’ is thoroughly appealing from the get-go. 

Claire Donzelli’s luscious vocals are filled with warmth and invite the audience in. We adore her tone, which is mesmerising. As the beat drops the single is in full flow. 

The chorus hears a shift in direction which keeps the listener on their toes. The song evolves before the audience and constantly feels fresh. ‘I’m Not Sorry’ is a catchy pop track that will have you reaching for the repeat button!

Donzelli says about the release, “‘I’m Not Sorry’ was inspired by an experience I had with someone who constantly mistreated me and disrespected my boundaries, and lashed out at me, even more, when I tried to defend myself.” She continues, “I put my foot down, got myself out of a bad situation, and never looked back. It’s an empowering, feel-good song that reflects how standing up for yourself is something that should be celebrated – not sorry for.” 


We are so excited to have discovered Claire Donzelli; she is an artist who is not afraid to speak her mind, and we are sure that ‘I’m Not Sorry’ will resonate with many fans. 

So make sure to check out Claire Donzelli this week. Donzelli is an artist who is destined to do big things in 2021, and we very much look forward to hearing what she will do next. Until then, ‘I’m Not Sorry’ is available from the link below!

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