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Cloudshapes – ‘Holding Onto Life’

Cloudshapes have released the exquisite single ‘Holding Onto Life’, in January 2021. It is a genre-blending single which needs to be heard!

A welcoming piano and electric guitar open the song and instantly inject their unique character into the piece. As the rap vocals drop, the single is in full flow. 

We adore the honesty and integrity in the lyrics which shine light into the piece. The vocal performance effortlessly flows and hits the audience hard. ‘Holding Onto Life’ is deeply relatable, and this connects Cloudshapes to their audience. 

In addition, the backing instrumentation is layered and varied. The chorus engulfs the listener and leaves them reaching for the repeat button. A superb release from an up-and-coming band.

Cloudshapes have a wide range of influences, which is clear to hear on ‘Holding Onto Life’. They are making music that is their own and pushing and innovating boundaries as they go. 

Rien De Keyser/Jim Jagger

Cloudshapes are a duo comprised of musicians and producers Rien De Keyser and Jim Jagger. Their separate style compliments each other well. It is clear they are both excellent artists in their own right, but magic happens when they come together!

Jim says about the release, “Like in life, cloud shapes can be both ominous and foreboding, and light and peaceful from one moment to the next all around the world. Sometimes I remind myself of that and the difficult times are easier.” Rien continues, “We really love ‘Holding Onto Life’, we hope you will love it too”. We do!

We are thrilled to have heard ‘Holding Onto Life’ and wait with anticipation to hear what will come next from this formidable duo! ‘Holding Onto Life’ is available now from the link below, enjoy!

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