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Colette Lush

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Colette Lush/John Lindahl – ‘My List’

Hailing from Los Angeles, musicians Colette Lush and John Lindahl have released the brilliant Christmas single, ‘My List’. It is a must-hear release this festive season!

Colette Lush’s gorgeous vocals open the single. They instantly demand the listener’s attention, and we adore her heartfelt, soulful performance. Her vocal range is exquisite and thoroughly compels the listener.

Wonderful keys underpin the brilliant vocals, and as the beat drops, the single is in full flow. We adore the layered vocals which fill the sonic spectrum creating texture and colour within the single. 

In addition, the mix, master and production of ‘My List’ is excellent. Everything has its own space in the mix, and a harmonious balance has been achieved. ‘My List’ is a song which needs to be heard to be fully appreciated. 

Lush says about the release, “It’s about wanting someone so badly you don’t need any of the surface stuff.” She continues, “I want people to feel inspired to focus on the connections they have with their loved ones.” Deeply relatable ‘My List’ is a Christmas song with a big heart.

John Lindahl

Lush has joined forces with singer-songwriter and producer John Lindahl on this latest stunning release and together the duo have created a single that will stand the test of time. 

Colette Lush is an American Idol alumnus. She recently released the EP ‘Lush: The Experience’ and after hearing ‘My List,’ we can not wait to check it out! She is an artist who is continually pushing forward, and ‘My List’ is no exception. 

So make sure to add this superb single to your weekday playlist. It is a release that is destined to get you into the Christmas spirit, and we can not wait to hear what this exciting artist will do next. 

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