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Colourshop – ‘Dear Friend’

Colourshop (AKA Alfredo Salvati) is a musician originally hailing from Rome. His latest single ‘Dear Friend’ is a wonderfully warm and inviting song that instantly captivates its listeners.

The single is acoustic in nature with just a guitar and vocal in the instrumentation. This lets the quality of the songwriting shine through. The vocals are filled with warmth and are rich in tone and character. The skilled guitar parts feature a strummed chord with a catchy rhythm. There are little riffs mixed in too which adds extra texture and style to the piece.

‘Dear Friend’ is a moving single. It has a warmth to it and is a catchy and memorable piece. The mix, production and mastering of the song have all been executed well with everything feeling balanced and able to shine in its own light.

There is also an excellent video that accompanies the release. It is a live performance of the song filmed in a flat with a live recording set up. Out of the window, the viewer can see the busy London street, filled with traffic and urgency. This is a beautiful juxtaposition to the tranquil and atmospheric song being performed inside.

In March 2019 Colourshop took part in the Kronplatz Ski Music Festival, supporting the Tom Walker tour. In July and August, he toured California for more than 20 concerts, including a few Sofar Sounds. Now based in London, we can not wait to see what he does in 2020.

Released officially on the 6th December ‘Dear Friend’ will be a hit with current Colourshop fans and it is destined to win him an army of new ones too. Filled with an honest intimacy, it simply magical.

Make sure you check out ‘Dear Friend’ from the link below and Colourshop’s back catalogue too. You will not be disappointed!

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