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Come at the King – ‘Crazy Ugly Beautiful’

London based band, Come at the King have released their divine latest EP, ‘Crazy Ugly Beautiful’ on the 15th November 2019. Steeped in Rock and Roll, it is a brilliantly composed EP that is a must-hear this weekend.

The title track, ‘Crazy Ugly Beautiful’ opens the release. It is a powerful and attention-demanding song that sets the tone as to what is to come. Bass and drums, all soon accompany a distorted solo guitar. They all lay a rocky and solid foundation for the vocals to shine.

The vocals are filled with character and charm. There is passion in the performances of all of the musicians. There is genuine honesty in their delivery, and this shines through. We adored the song ‘Hanging On’, the bass leads the way with driving drums and imposing guitar riffs. The vocals again emote emotion, and all of the instrumentation works harmoniously together.

Comprised of band members, Cal, Laurence, and Max, Come at the King are a formidable trio. They are very good musicians on their own, but when they come together, they create a wall of sound. Ear catching and memorable, ‘Crazy Ugly Beautiful’ is an EP that is destined to please existing fans and win the band many new ones along the way.

Come at the King state their influences as bands such as The White Stripes, Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, Band of Skulls, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. We can hear these influences throughout the music but make no mistake, Come at the King make a sound all of their own.

So make sure you check out this fantastic EP, we can not wait to see what these exciting musicians will do next!

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