Conrad Ashton – ‘Time’

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Conrad Ashton – ‘Time’

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Musician Conrad Ashton is releasing his superb latest single, ‘Time’ on 22nd May 2020. It is an indie rock single that needs to be heard!

Ashton’s powerful vocals open the release. A full band accompanies them, and the driving nature of the track is apparent from the get-go. Punchy and attention-grabbing, we love the bass and drums; they create the backbone to the single from which everything else is built around. The key change in the bridge/chorus is unexpected and keeps the listener on their toes. The energetic and passionate performance continues throughout the song. We loved the superb arrangement of the single which keeps the song feeling fresh.

Ashton says, “Very cliche but music is very much my life I have played the guitar since age ten, and now at twenty-four I am wanting to really progress on everything I have done. I am making the music I enjoy and others may too.”

Conrad Ashton – ‘Time’

Ashton states that his early writing drew much influence from his inner anxiety and depression. Not only did his music work as a self-help mechanism, but he also witnessed many peers connecting with the music and messages he was conveying on a personal level. This dual impact made him delve deeper into songwriting as a solo artist and resulted in Ashton himself growing and branching out as an artist. 

We were lucky enough to catch up with Ashton for an interview about his influences, inspiration and hopes for the future. Check it out here. Make sure you add ‘Time’ to your weekend playlist. Ashton is a passionate artist who is making waves in the indie rock scene. We look forward to hearing what he will do next.

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