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Continental Breakfast – ‘Home’

Berlin-based band, Continental Breakfast has released their superb latest single ‘Home’, today 12th June 2020. This alternative pop single is destined to make waves in the music scene. 

Soulful electric guitar and keys open the single. They are followed by luscious vocals which fill the sonic spectrum. We adore the bass which is melodic, subtly adding its texture within the piece. The layered backing vocals add their unique colour and grace to the piece too. The horns are soulful and enticing with great appeal. The vibe of ‘Home’ is wonderfully intoxicating and will have you reaching for the repeat button. 

Continental Breakfast Talk About the Release

Continental Breakfast says, “We write as a unit, with an unspoken clear goal in mind. There is no formula to writing a song, but we are very focused on producing something without restrictions to any specific genre.” When asked about ‘Home,’ Continental Breakfast says, “The Single ‘Home’ is a nostalgia trip from the perspective of a person who has lost sight of what “home” means. Is it a place where you were born, or a place where you find comfort? The lyrics are an inner monologue from the singer questioning these thoughts, and the hardships one naturally face when leaving the ‘comfort zone’.

Band Members

Continental Breakfast is comprised of band members, Harry Lewis – Vocals, Keys, Florian Brühl – Bass, backing vocals, producer, and Paul Klingler – Drums. ‘Home’ has been recorded entirely by the band in Berlin and Produced and Mixed by Florian Brühl. Together, the team have created a single which is compelling and thoroughly addictive!


So make sure you add ‘Home’ to your weekend playlist. Continental Breakfast is a driving band, and we very much look forward to hearing what they will do next. 

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