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Cooper Carr
Cooper Carr

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Cooper Carr – ‘Take Back the Joy’

Hailing from Kansas City, musician Cooper Carr has released his brilliant EP ‘Take Back the Joy’ in May 2020. It is an indie-folk release that needs to be heard!

‘Keep Crashing Down’ bursts into the sonic spectrum. The layered vocals are hypnotising and thoroughly enticing. Textured instrumentation adds colour to the piece too. It has single potential, and we are sure that this song alone will win Carr an army of new fans.

‘Wildflowers’ is a laid back song and is a wonderful juxtaposition to the opening track. Carr’s vocal range is vast and on show during the song. We adore ‘Keep You Here’ its acoustic nature is enticing and again, offers a new flavour to the listener. 

In addition, ‘Goodbye’ is filled with heartfelt and relatable lyrics, and this is a big part of Carr’s appeal. He is able to connect with his audience and let us feel less alone together.  

Carr Comments

Carr says about the release, “I wrote ‘Take Back the Joy’ with the intention of processing the various emotions I was going through during quarantine. I knew there would be feelings that others would resonate with, as well as hopeful statements that would hopefully inspire people. It is a singer-songwriter project, with hints of indie pop and rock along the way.” 

Carr continues, “Take Back the Joy” centres around the idea of navigating the unexpected, specifically as it relates to losing the end of my senior year of high school due to Covid-19. Through the uncertainty, the lyrical focus remains rooted in hope and on the celebration of love and life.”

To sum up, we thoroughly recommend checking out ‘Take Back the Joy’ from the link below. Above all, it is an exciting release from an exciting artist. We very much look forward to hearing what Cooper Carr will do next!

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