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Cosmic Sleepovers

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Cosmic Sleepovers – ‘Light and Serotonin’

Hailing from Iowa City, Cosmic Sleepovers is a brilliant musician whose latest release ‘Light and Serotonin’ needs to be heard this autumn 2020. 

A gorgeous electric guitar opens the release. A laid back beat underpins it, and the song is instantly injected with colour and texture. Cosmic Sleepovers smooth and enticing vocals enter and the song is in full flow.

We adore the vibe of the single, which is filled with charm and character. The vocal performance is smooth and effortlessly guides the single along. The lyrics feel like a stream of conscious thought, and this connects with the audience. This is a big part of Cosmic Sleepovers’ charm, and we are sure that ‘Light and Serotonin’ will please existing fans while winning him an army of new ones too. 

Cosmic Sleepovers says about the release, “Imagine you’re staying up real late and you’re remembering your highs and the best parts of your life. And it’s pretty nice, but they’re memories that you replay but can never return to. And every now and then you nearly return to the present, but you take another hit of those memories just before you face the unmitigated truth.” He continues, “That’s what the song Light and Serotonin is about.”

Cosmic Sleepovers (AKA Mason Wang) is a talented and innovative artist. He is continually pushing forward and breaking boundaries. This latest release is no exception.

Matt Hongholtz-Hetling

Wang is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Chicago. He was recently invited to enter Pulitzer Prize Finalist’s, Matt Hongholtz-Hetling’s songwriting competition and subsequently finished as a semi-finalist. 

So make sure you add ‘Light and Serotonin’ to your weekday playlist. Cosmic Sleepovers is an artist who is making new and exciting music, and we very much look forward to hearing what will come next. Until then, ‘Light and Serotonin’ is available from the link below.

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