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Covinos – ‘Golden’ (feat. Jenny G.)

Hailing from Boston, Covinos has released the brilliant single ‘Golden’ feat. Jenny G, in December 2020. This winter release needs to be heard!

Mysterious and inviting synths open the release. Jenny G’s warm and inviting vocals enter and masterfully guide the single along. In addition, we adore the melody line in the chorus; it is intoxicating and stays with the listener long after the music has ended. 

The layered and varied backing instrumentation add their unique colour to the piece. There is a wonderful harmony that has been achieved amongst the rich tapestry of instrumentation. ‘Golden’ has been intelligently composed and arranged: it is electronic-pop at its finest!

Covinos says about the release, “The song is about surviving a breakup with your heart may be a bit scratched but not broken. Underneath you’re still whole (golden). If a breakup is the right thing, you can even celebrate the pain.” A fresh look at an extremely relatable topic, Covinos and Jenny G are onto a winner with ‘Golden’.

‘Golden’ was composed, written and produced by Covinos in his home studio. Recorded during the covid pandemic, Jenny G added her brilliant vocal performance via file sharing. Together, the duo has created a single that will stand the test of time. We sincerely hope we will hear another collaboration together in the future. 

Marc Cohen

Covinos (AKA Marc Cohen) is a wonderful artist who is destined to make waves with this release. He is putting his fresh and unique spin on the electronic-pop genre. We very much look forward to what will come next from this talented musician and producer. 

Until then, ‘Golden’ is available from the link below. Check it out; you will not be disappointed!

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