Cyanide Sundae – ‘Do or Die’

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Cyanide Sundae – ‘Do or Die’

‘Do or Die’ is the magnificent latest release by the awesome band Cyanide Sundae. Based on the South-coast, their infectious Rock sound is destined to have you reaching for the repeat button.

An electric guitar slide opens the single and is soon joined by a melodic bass and driving drums. The characterful and charming vocals enter too, and the brilliant musicianship is evident. Double tracked vocals add further texture to the piece. We adored the catchy chorus with hard-hitting and impactful lyrics.

Paul from Cyanide Sundae says, “The song, lyrically, is inspired by a quote from Russian novelist Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn that I stumbled across one day. “The battle line between good and evil runs through the heart of every man.” Such a powerful statement. I then thought about all of the warmongering, self-serving, evil, corrupt higher powers of this world and the rest of the song wrote itself!”

We were blown away to discover Cyanide Sundae are a three-piece band! Their huge sound feels like there should be many more members! Previous support slots for the group include California’s Leatherwolf, and ex-Reef guitarist Kenwyn House’s new band Goldray, plus many others. The band have headlined at Mammothfest in Brighton, headlined Meyfest and played the famous Ace Cafe in London for their annual Diamond Day bike show, amongst many other shows and events throughout the South of the UK.

Previous releases include the band’s first EP, ‘Nothing to Lose’, out in October 2017, then the debut album, ‘Blinded Generation’ out on Sliptrick Records in Jan 2019. Upon hearing ‘Do or Die’, we can not wait to check out the band’s back catalogue too!

Make sure you add ‘Do or Die’ to your weekend playlist, you will not be disappointed!

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