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D’Addio – ‘Leave It’

D’Addio is back! ‘Leave It’ is the brilliant second single release from the forthcoming EP, “The Happily Never After”.

Background noise opens the single. Mysterious and engaging, the listener is left in anticipation for the track to drop. Once it does, it has been worth the wait! Drums, a guitar and vocals all appear together. There is a dreamy quality to the music, and a relaxed and enjoyable vibe engulfs the listener. 

Marching drums establish themselves within the song. They are gentle but integral to the piece. The texture is present throughout, and this adds intrigue for the listener. The vocals dance with the guitar part. The melodic guitar riff works harmoniously with the vocals, they intertwine with one another, then go their separate way but always come back together for a beautiful union. 

The vocal performance is stunning. Whispering in places, D’Addio’s vocals are quite simply scrumptious. Filled with layers of emotion, heart and soul D’Addio is a brilliant talent. We adored the arrangement of the song too. The chorus is unobtrusive but feels like an old friend returning by the end of the song. There is a break in the middle of the single, cutting the flow and then being born again. Blissful.

D’Addio (AKA Giulia Scarantino), is a brilliant musician and composer. She has been joined by Italian musician/songwriter Marco Machera who contributed additional production and arrangements on the release. Drums are performed and recorded by Toni Nordlund too. Together, this trio has created a superb piece of art that is destined to stand the test of time. 

Released officially on the 25th November 2019, ‘Leave It’ is out now! Once again we have had it reiterated to us, what an extraordinary artist D’Addio is. We can not wait for the full EP release!

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