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DÆFLØW – ‘Hurts to Love You’ 

Pasadena-based artist DÆFLØW has released the excellent single ‘Hurts to Love You’ in January 2021. It is a synth-pop release that reaches out and touches the listener. 

A vocoder opening greets the listener and instantly demands the audience’s attention. DÆFLØW’s melodic vocals breakthrough and ‘Hurts to Love You’ is in full flow. We adore the tone in his vocal performance; there is an honesty and integrity that shines through. 

The chorus is memorable and will have the listener reaching for the repeat button. In addition, we love the mix, production and master of ‘Hurts to Love You’, everything has its own space in the mix, and a harmonious balance has been achieved. DÆFLØW is a superb composer and arranger with a bright future.

DÆFLØW says about the release, “This was a very special song. The fact that it was born in the most truthful intent on my end meant a lot.” He continues, “I’ve recently been through a break up that tipped my world upside down. As a result, I’ve written ‘Hurts to Love You’ which was a testament of truth instead of the lies that hopefully one day we’d believe. I do still love, even in pain, I shall prevail.”


Having been written from a heartfelt place, ‘Hurts to Love You’ is a song which reaches out and touches the listener. DÆFLØW has the ability to connect with his audience, portraying emotions effortlessly. This is a big part of his charm and sets ‘Hurts to Love You’ apart from the crowd. 

So make sure you add this great release to your weekday playlist. DÆFLØW is a talented artist who is just getting started, and we very much look forward to hearing what will come next. 

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