Daisy Maize – ‘Tenaciously Bamboozling’ Single Out Now!

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Daisy Maize

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Daisy Maize – ‘Tenaciously Bamboozling’

Artist Daisy Maize has released the brilliant electronic pop single ‘Tenaciously Bamboozling’, in November 2020. 

Gorgeous atmospheric synths open the release, and they lay the foundation for the emotive vocals that soon enter. We adore the powerful bass line that feels like the heartbeat of the song. 

Daisy Maize’s layered vocals are intoxicating and demand the listener’s attention. We adore the evolution of ‘Tenaciously Bamboozling’, as the beat drops the listener is taken in a new direction, keeping the piece feeling fresh and exciting.

This superb artist is unparalleled to anything we have heard recently; she is innovating pop music with her intelligent compositions and arrangements. What an exciting talent.

Daisy Maize says about the release, “They are tenaciously bamboozling us. ‘They’ are the powers that be. They are the 1% that want to decide the fate for the rest of us. They are animals because they will savagely destroy millions of lives for millions of dollars. And they are running the show.” 

She continues, “Mainstream social media and television are run by these megalomaniacal animals that are tenaciously bamboozling the masses into thinking that we live in a free world, but freedom and free speech is becoming extinct as we know it.” Daisy Maize is an artist who is using her platform to spread the word!


We are so thrilled to have discovered Daisy Maize. She is an innovating and driving artist who is making music that needs to be heard. Lyrically, ‘Tenaciously Bamboozling’ is thought-provoking and challenges the listener. 

We thoroughly recommend adding ‘Tenaciously Bamboozling’ to your weekend playlist. Daisy Maize is an exciting artist who is making waves with this latest release. 

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  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful post!!!! Made my day <3

    1. Our pleasure! Best of luck with the release!

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