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Dan Caleb – ‘One Last Song’

‘One Last Song’ is the beautiful latest released by the talented musician, Dan Caleb. Hauntingly atmospheric, it is a single that touches the soul and leaves the listener wanting more.

A gorgeously played piano opens the release. Soothing synths have been subtly mixed into the background, and the atmosphere is set. We loved Caleb’s stoic vocals which enter and are surrounded by calming, luscious reverb. The backing instrumentation grows, and everything works in beautiful harmony together.

We love the violin that enters and adds extra texture to the song. The double-tracked vocals add extra weight to the single with the dancing piano acting as a wonderful juxtaposition. There is a beautiful melancholy feel to the piece, and after speaking to Caleb, we understand why.

Caleb says, “My new single ‘One Last Song’ is a piano ballad about a friend who passed away after battling with ovarian cancer. All of the proceeds from downloads/streams of ‘One Last Song’ will be donated towards Suzie Aries’ immunotherapy treatment for ovarian cancer (GoFundMe page here).” Dan has done his friend proud with this release. It is gentle and compassionate with warmth and integrity. A fitting tribute indeed.

Caleb Continues,”One Last song is the first single to be released on In Support Of Records, a record label I’ve recently set up which will release songs about particular subject matters and seek to run events to raise money and awareness for related causes.”

So if you can, support this wonderful artist by downloading and streaming this excellent release today. It is music to feed the soul.

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