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FV Music Blog – Dan Disgrace – ‘Nightmare Music’

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Liverpool based musician Dan Disgrace has released his superb latest EP, ‘Nightmare Music’. Released officially on 2nd June 2020, this 7 track EP is destined to win Dan Disgrace an army of new fans.

‘Pilot’ swims into the sonic spectrum with luscious keys and a gorgeously strummed guitar. It sets the scene beautifully as to what is to come. We enjoyed ‘Twisted Sister’ it has an upbeat vibe with addictive melodies and a driving bass line. ‘In My Own World’ is a stand out track, the opening guitar is majestically picked. The laid back vibe is mesmerising, and the vocals enhance the song further. ‘Can’t Look At My Phone’ is a relatable and engaging piece of art. The layered instrumentation is intriguing and evolves with the listener. 

FV Music Blog – Dan Disgrace – ‘Nightmare Music’

Dan Disgrace says, “I recorded these songs between 2016-2019, so it covers a good chunk of my life. I like taking my time to make sure the songs are as good as they can sound, and that they hit in the right emotional space.” He continues, “I recorded and mixed pretty much everything myself, some of my friends feature here and there, but I’d say 95% of this record has come straight from my brain.” 

When asked about his recording process, Dan Disgrace says, “I have an old Tascam 414 that I run into Garageband on my Macbook. I’m fascinated by analogue recording and constantly obsessing over ways I can combine these kinds of textures with modern synthetic sounds.” 

Dan Disgrace is an exciting artist who is making waves with this latest release. Make sure you add ‘Nightmare Music’ to your weekday playlist. We look forward to hearing what he will do next.

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