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DARCY – ‘Black Hole’

Currently residing in New York, musician DARCY has released the stunning single ‘Black Hole’, this January 2021. It is a folk-pop release which firmly puts DARCY on the artists to watch list.

‘Black Hole’ is hard-hitting from the get-go. DARCY’s powerful and soulful vocals open the release and instantly take the reins of the song. A piano, bass and drums accompany the stunning vocals, and the scene is set. In addition, we adore the backing layered vocals which inject further texture into the piece. ‘Black Hole’ is a well-rounded single that builds in intensity and evolves with the listener. 

Furthermore, the chorus is stunning. It is memorable and will have the audience reaching for the repeat button. Darcy is an artist who connects with the audience and conveys relatable emotion effortlessly. 

DARCY says about the release, “‘Black Hole’ tries to dig into the “why” in the “why do people stay in abusive relationships so long”. She continues, “I wanted to try to lay out what goes on in your mind when gaslighting occurs and how everything you think you know for certain can literally change so fast.”


The recording process was a family affair. ‘Black Hole’ was recorded in Nashville by DARCY’s parents and uncle. Together they have crafted a sound which is enticing and draws the audience in. We are sure that ‘Black Hole’ is a release which will stand the test of time. 

One thing is for sure; DARCY is an artist to watch in 2021. If you have not heard the name before, make a note of it now; we are sure it is not the last time you’ll hear it. 

We are so excited to have heard ‘Black Hole’ and very much look forward to hearing what this songstress will do next. Until then, ‘Black Hole’ is available from the link below, enjoy!

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