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Darrell Kelley

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Darrell Kelley – ‘Merry Christmas to You’

We love a Christmas song at FV Music Blog, and musician Darrell Kelley has released a cracker! ‘Merry Christmas to You’ is a wonderful R&B-soul release that needs to be heard this festive season. 

A gorgeous piano and synths open the release before Darrell Kelley’s vocals kick in. Kelley’s voice is filled with warmth and a driving passion. We adore his magical vocal performance too. 

There is a brilliant texture on the chorus, the vocals have been mixed with reverb which lets them shine in the mix. We found the chorus to be compelling and intoxicating. The laid back melody stays with the listener long after the music has ended. 

Also, the backing instrumentation is varied and adds extra luscious colour to the piece. One thing is for sure, ‘Merry Christmas to You’ is a song which will have you reaching for the repeat button!

Released on Viral Records; this superb single is out now. We can not recommend Darrell Kelley highly enough. He is a talented artist who is making music filled with heart and soul. We are sure that ‘Merry Christmas to You’ will please existing Darrell Kelley fans while simultaneously winning him an army of new ones too. 


In addition, there is also an excellent video which accompanies the release. The images are a perfect complement to the music, and a superb harmony has been achieved. 

‘Merry Christmas to You’ is a release that needs to be heard this festive season. Darrell Kelley is an excellent musician, and we know there are big things to come from him in the 2020s. 

Until then, ‘Merry Christmas to You’ is available from the link below, enjoy!

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