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DateBack – ‘A Fork in the Road’

Reflectfull and poetical lyrics shine at the heart of the latest single by, DateBack. ‘A Fork in the Road’ features dreamy pop at it’s finest, it is enchanting and mesmerising from the get-go.

A piano opens the release, and a kick drum soon establishes itself at the heart of the song. A guitar, and violin both add to the atmospheric feel and the song evolves before the listeners’ ears. The snare has been mixed with lots of big, attention-demanding reverb. This certainly does the trick, and the listener is drawn to the imposing sound.

The melodic and enticing vocals further enhance the catchy chorus. They are situated perfectly at the centre of the mix and dictate the pace of the piece. A gentle guitar solo underpinned by majestic panpipes is heard before a much heavier guitar solo at the end. The juxtaposition in styles of the solos creates texture and intrigue within the piece. There are also many layers of instrumentation to the piece, but the song never feels crowded. Everything has its own space and room to breathe.

There is also a stunning video that accompanies the release. Filled with cinematic imagery, it adds further layers of interest to the song and it is a perfect accompaniment to the music. DateBack says, “Through our music, we hope every listener has new reflection on the meaning of life.” They continue, “The whole song delivers a positive message: ‘When you come to a fork in the road, just move on, and there is always something better waiting for you.’”

We are excited to have discovered this latest release. Make sure you add it to your new music playlist this week, you will not be disappointed.

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  1. Instrumentals and vocals nicely mixed and supporting each other. Good quality song.

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