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Daulton Hopkins
Daulton Hopkins

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Daulton Hopkins – ‘I’m Okay and So Are You’

‘I’m Okay and So Are You’ is the excellent release from Phoenix-based artist Daulton Hopkins. This singer-songwriter is making waves in 2020, and we can see why!

An atmospheric opening greets the listener before the captivating pop feel breaks through. Hopkins’s voice is smooth and enticing; this is a big part of his charm. He skillfully captures the listener’s attention and holds it effortlessly. 

We adore the instrumental fills; they add a new layer of colour to the piece. The beat is infectious, and we love the main melody, it is catchy and memorable. The middle eight takes a change in direction, keeping the song fresh and full of texture. 

When asked about his recording process, Hopkins says, “The sounds pop in my head, and I play them over and over until a song is written.” Hopkins says about the release, “This is an admission that all relationships have their difficulties but a reminder that life is too good to live in fear/anxiety/anger.” This honesty shines through in the single. Hopkins has the ability to connect with his audience, and his music is deeply relatable. 


Citing his influences as artists such as Johnny Cash, Bon Iver, Frank Ocean, and Radiohead, Hopkins is making music that will stand the test of time. This troubadour is creating quality music and we throughly recommend checking him out.

So make sure you add ‘I’m Okay and So Are You’ to your weekday playlist. Hopkins certainly has new fans in us! We have added this song to our FV Music Blog playlist. Check it out here

We are so pleased to have come across this exciting artist, and we very much look forward to hearing what will come next! Until then check out ‘I’m Okay and So Are You’ from the link below. 

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