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Filled with luscious and varied instrumentation, ‘The Songteller’ is the brilliant latest album by Dave Munsick. Written in the Country genre, it is a magnificently composed piece of art. 

‘Tequila’ opens the album, it is a classic and contemporary country song with a joyous and upbeat feel. The bass and drums create a solid foundation for the vocals and accordion to grow from as the main stars. The electric guitar is panned to one side of the mix and creates further texture within the song.

We adored the tracks, ‘Last Day on the Trail’ for its laid back feel with the violin setting the vibe. Guitars vamp in the background and the vocals are rich and warm throughout. ‘Lying in Your Loving Arms’ opens with a duo between a beautifully mixed acoustic guitar and vocals. The violin soon joins and the piano adds further depth. We also loved ‘Vaya Conmigo’ as it brings the country feel again which we were first introduced to in the opening number.

Munsick is an excellent songwriter and we believe his compositions are the shining star of the album. Each song is comprised of a rich tapestry of lyrics and music intertwined with one another beautifully. It is accessible to a wide range of people and will appeal to any music lover. ‘The Songteller’ is the perfect album title for this release and it is the perfect representation of Dave Munsick’s work.

Having opened for many artists including, Ian Tyson, Lyle Lovett, Charlie Daniels, Suzie Bogguss and Hank Thompson, Dave Munsick is a brilliant artist in his own right. His unique sound elevates the songs and they are filled with a genuine and honest feel. 

We are so excited to have discovered Munsick’s current album and his back catalog too. We thoroughly recommend this superb artist. Check out The Songteller’ today! 

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