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Davide Anniballi - 'Freedom'
Davide Anniballi – ‘Freedom’

Davide Anniballi – ‘Freedom’

Musician Davide Anniballi has released the excellent EP ‘Freedom’. It is a two-track classical release that will have you reaching for the repeat button this Spring.

A gorgeously played piano opens the release filling the sonic spectrum with light and a joyful vibe. Anniballi’s fingers gracefully dance around the keys, and it is clear what a skilful musician he is.

As the synths enter, the track is taken in a new direction, keeping the listener on their toes. The original riff reappears, and it feels like an old friend returning.

‘Un bel giorno’ is an uplifting piece of art. Pianos and synths dance around each other creating layers of harmony and balance. We adore the vivid colour injected into the piece and the memorable melodies too.


Anniballi says about the release, “This song, ‘Freedom’, is an instrumental-only song, deliberately repetitive, and I composed it with the idea of ‘dance in the air’.” He continues, “I started playing the piano again a few years ago and, a year ago, almost for fun, I also started composing. In 13 months, I composed nine songs.” We hope they will be released soon!

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Hailing from Italy, Anniballi is a maths teacher with a passion and talent for music. However, what comes across clearly when listing to ‘Freedom’ is the genuine love that Anniballi has for music. He is an artist with a musician’s heart, and we are thrilled to have discovered this great release.

Authentic Artist

So make sure you add Davide Anniballi to your new music playlist this week. ‘Freedom’ has already amassed over 19,000 streams on Spotify alone. Anniballi is an authentic artist who makes music to feed the soul. We very much look forward to hearing what he will do next.

‘Freedom’ is available to stream from the link below today; Enjoy!

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